Natural Hair Care for Fine Hair


My hair type is fine and has the tendency to get oily pretty fast. I wash every other day and while I am still struggling to find a shampoo that I really like, I have found some styling products that really work at giving me volume and moisture.

The biggest struggle with finding natural or naturally based hair care for fine hair has been that most of the products are either too heavy with lots of oils or not moisturizing at all.



The first product is from Josh Rosebook and it is called the LIFT Hair Texture & Volume and costs 22 USD for four ounces of product.

It makes my hair have incredible volume and does not weigh it down or leave it greasy. I just put three sprays in my hair after I get out of the shower and I then comb out my hair and blowdry it and then I am done! The volume stays for 2 days and it does not get greasy on the second day.



The second product is a discovery that I made here in Germany at the drugstore DM. It is called the I AM PERFECT HAIR PERFECTOR SERUM from Udo Walz. This product only costs 7,95 Euro for 3,38 ounces and is a “do it all” type of product. It creates volume, moisturizes, and really helps to keep the frizz down. I put about half of a dime sized amount of product in my shoulder length hair, comb it out, blowdry, and then I am good to go!


If you would like to create more volume, then go for the LIFT spray, but if you want an overall polished hair look, I would recommend the Udo Walz serum. 🙂




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