Artis Oval 8 Brush Review


Today I am doing a review of the Artis Oval 8 brush, which I purchased about 3 weeks ago from Net-A-Porter.
For starters, the brush is unlike anything else I have ever felt before. It is soft and very densely packed, and the bristles are not stiff, but flexible. I had purchased a brush that was supposed to be similar to the Artis from a brand called Fantasia here in Germany and I found that brush was super stiff and not at all flexible like the Artis.


The dimensions for the bristles are about 6 cm tall and 4.5 cm wide. It is the perfect size for applying foundation or powder to my entire face. I also have not had any streaking with the various foundations that I have tested it out with. Another benefit to the brush is that because it is larger than most foundation brushes, any quick drying foundation is already blended out before it even gets a chance to dry.


The only con that I have found for the brush is that one bristle seems to be poking out of the brush now that I have washed it once. I am not sure yet what to make of this, but so far it has only been the one bristle and not several, so I take that as a good sign of the quality.

The purchasing process through Net-A-Porter was a bit hit or miss. The package arrived quickly and perfectly packed to me in Germany, but when I bought the Artis 7 as a gift for someone in the US, it took several days for them to ship it out and they provided me with no reasoning for the delay. On the website it states 3 day shipping, but this seems to not be very reliable. I will say though that the international delivery went really well, so maybe there are only issues within the US. I would just keep this in mind if you decide to order from Net-A-Porter.
Overall, I would highly recommend this brush as the perfect application tool for your everyday makeup. šŸ™‚


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