Lavera Re-Energizing Sleeping Cream Review

Lavera Cream.JPG

Recently, I was looking for a new night cream that is moisturizing and good for sensitive skin. I decided to go on Ecco Verde, a natural cosmetics website that I regularly order from and check out what had great reviews and that is where I found the Lavera Re-Energizing Sleeping Cream. The cream is 50 ML and costs 9,99 Euro. The price and quantity were a great deal, so I decided to give it a try!

Cream 2.JPG

The cream has a thick consistency with a light floral scent. Those sensitive to perfumes or scents should probably steer clear of this one. The cream is very hydrating and great as a night cream especially for the colder months. For summer, this one might be a bit too heavy though. The cream is best suited for those with dry or combination skin, who want a cream just for night time use.


For my sensitive, combination skin though, it is a great moisturizer for the evening that leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed.


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